In this division we are in charge of characterization and growth of the gram-negative marine bateria Pseudoalteromonas nigrifaciens, in order to use it as the bacteria to express the antifreeze protein while being grown in the bioreactor. 

This bacteria was selected due to having a biosecurity level of 1 (BS1), this means it's innocuous, being harmless to the farmers as they will be the final users of the bioreactor. Another reason why this bacteria was chosen is the wide temperature range (4 - 30ºC) in which its growth can take place, guaranteeing its stability in a low temperature enviroment like the mountain range. Furthermore, this bacteria is colsely related to Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis, which has been used in multiple studies for the production of recombinant proteins using plasmids that can propagate in two different bacterial species. We expect P. nigrifaciens can be used in the same way and facilitate getting the desired antifreeze protein. 

Image from Baumann et al., 1984


To make sure P. nigrifaciens is viable in an adecuate and economic medium inside a bioreactor. And to stablish the conditions in which its performance is optimal. 

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