It's a device that allows an evironment with controled conditions (e.g temperature and pH) to optimize a culture growth. Nevertheless, andean communities affected by frosts have also a limited access to electricity and to specialized spaces that are needed to have a continous production of the desired antifreeze protein. 

We propose the development of a bioreactor with minimum requirements for a controlled production and a prioritized use of renewable energies for its functioning.

What is it?


  • To elaborate a low-cost bioreactor which allows enough antifreeze protein production in order to be applied to crops to protect them from dying of frost.

  • Make the final design to be easy to use and assemble by a farmer in a community of limited resources.


  • To the UNMSM group, for providing the proposal of the design.

  • To Gerson and Nadir  that started the development of this division.

Fuente: Elaboración propia. Crédito a The Noun Project. 

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